Warm Meals in Cold Seattle

Pike's PlaceWhen you’re in one of the rainiest cities in the country its a great escape just being able to find a warm meal that you can share with good friends. I worked here in the Seattle for almost three years and just recently moved to someplace warmer and a little cheaper. That being said, Seattle is still one of my favorite cities I’ve ever lived. The summers here are some of the best on the planet and the people can bring about a warmth in the locals that is unmatched in almost any other place I’ve been.

When most people think of Seattle cuisine they think seafood but there are so many other options here that people take for granted. Most people don’t know that Seattle, as a city, has the largest population of Vietnamese in the nation. As a result pho restaurants seem to cover half the street corners. Those that like a warm hearty soup are never left wanting here in this city.

Pho is a soup that has a base of beef broth. It is most often eaten by the Vietnamese with beef strip steak. However, other options from chicken to seafood are made available. The soup includes a rice noodle that covers the bottom of the bowl along with basil leaves. If you haven’t tried pho I would definitely put it on your “to do” list.

Salmon that is ACLS recertification online recommendedNow, as expected, we will be talking about the seafood available here in Seattle. While new england clam chowder may not exist here on the west coast, the clam chowder that is available here is no less savory. Rich cream and flavors of both the Puget Sound and the Pacific Ocean are made available along many small restaurants that line Pike’s Place Market. There are so many other options also available to people that live in this area. Washington state is one of the few places that still has natural salmon runs in their rivers so finding the freshest salmon dishes is not uncommon.

Because Seattle offers so many healthy and delicious seafood options many of the foods are heart healthy. Our ACLS recertification online specialists hold these foods in high regard. Eating foods high in fish oil have incredible benefits to overall health. The ACLS recertification online and PALS online certified specialists agree that having a diet high in fish and low in red meat is one of the best changes an individual can make in their diet. While seafood is a healthy option for your diet you should always be concerned about the mercury content in the fish options you choose. Tuna is a fish high in mercury and should not be eaten on a daily basis. Other seafoods are much lower in mercury levels such as salmon or shrimp.