Big Papi En FuegoOne of my favorite experiences as a restaurant chef has been the opportunity to create my own recipes and change how people experience food. I think each dish I make is almost like writing a book or a novel. I’m not so absurd to say food necessarily tells a story. Although, I do believe certain tastes and smells can bring back memories. I do however believe that there is a personal journey and interpretation of the the tastes that creates an experience and can affect the senses in a very imaginative way. Some people might say I’m a little romantic about food. That’s fine with me considering it is my life and my passion. What passion each of us should have in the kitchen depends on what you want to get out of the meals you create. Is eating something that is just a function of daily life for you? Or is it something more that you choose to enjoy?

Think how much of your life revolves around food. It is the main form of socializing and entertainment in every culture I have come across. Sitting down to share a good meal with friends or family is what we do for every holiday, every birthday, and almost every celebration. In some respects we even worship food. Look at the sacrament or bread and wine taken in remembrance of Jesus.

Heart healthy sushi recommended by ACLS and PALS certification providerThis being said you can now consider what food should mean to you. How do you want food to change you and your circumstances. I find it interesting that even people that are super conscious about the foods they eat often don’t take the time to enjoy the food they consume. Maybe it’s because we live in a world that is so busy and always moving but life doesn’t have to be that way. In fact, I think food can help you slow your life down, take a step back, look at your situation, and just relax.

This website will be more than just recipes. It is going to contain my personal journey through the world of food. I’ll be sharing experiences and meals I’ve eaten throughout the world. I’ve had the privilege to see much of the world but only after studying in the university and working for some time. What I found astonished me. There is a world of food, fruits, and vegetables you thought only existed in your dreams.

One of the big things we are trying to accomplish in this article is also sharing with people excellent food that is healthy as well as delicious. We are working with ACLS recertification online and advanced ACLS certification healthcare providers to accomplish these goals. These healthcare providers are experts at treating people in the emergency of a heart attack and so they are largely motivated to help us make heart healthy decisions. We will be working with these ACLS recertification online and PALS certification healthcare providers among others to bring you the most excellent recipes and heart healthy food information available on the Internet. Thanks for your support and now lets enjoy the journey together.

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