When I was ages 19 to 21 I spent two years living in the Houston, Texas area. It was a change from where I had just spent a year in college up in Idaho but the food definitely helped with the adjustment. I was doing missionary service there so I was offered more than my […]

I lived in Miami, Florida for almost two years while I was working on my undergraduate degree. It was one of the first places I lived that was warm all year round. Along with the warm nights came warm Cuban food that changed the way I viewed the caribbean. One of my favorite meals was […]

When you’re in one of the rainiest cities in the country its a great escape just being able to find a warm meal that you can share with good friends. I worked here in the Seattle for almost three years and just recently moved to someplace warmer and a little cheaper. That being said, Seattle […]

I’ve most recently started my world journey exploring the foods of Colombia and have spent the last two months in Medellin Colombia. This place is one that everyone needs to see to actually believe exists. Before I start talking about the food I want to mention a little about the city and what is available […]